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Tutto Rotto 2022 (with Lenka Kesting)

Taranto. I lower my camera and turn to face the female voice behind me. "Tutto rotto!" She smiles shyly and shrugs apologetically. As if she were personally responsible for the decay of the old town. I smile back. "Rotto, ma bellissimo!"

Sara la Kali 2022

Two witnesses of Jesus' crucifixion were washed up on the coast of the Camargue around 40 AD. Also on board was their dark-skinned servant Sara. She became the patroness of the Travelers. Every year on May 24th Travelers from all over the world meet to honor Black Sara or Sara-la-Kali.

Maranasati 2017 - now

As in our memory of faces of the past that crack, slowly fade and ultimately disappear, these porcelain medallions ultimately have to smile at the transience of all things. And yes, our photo prints and also the ones and zeros on our storage media will lose the battle at some point.

Lua Mater 2010 - now

I used to go swimming there in the summer nearby, looking for mushrooms in the fall. Chance made me discover this place. A place on the southern outskirts of Berlin filled with what the Trümmerfrauen couldn't use in 1945. One of Berlin’s many Sore Spots.

Seeing Things 2017-now

Sometimes I make long detours on purpose, get off in an area I don't know yet, walk and take pictures. And when I walk familiar paths, I try to see the paths differently. And sometimes, when the god of the streets is kind to me, I see his signs and wonders, altars and offerings.

The Wheel 2016-2020

A trip to the Himalayas and South East Asia to work on a book in 2016. It became a meditation on transience and mortality. Inner and outer journeys in four chapters: Circling Around Places of Power, Transition Rites, Politics and Religion, Drama and Martial Arts.


Monkey Mind 2015-2018

Buddha described our mind as a cage full of wild monkeys. Jumping, screaming and making faces ceaselessly. All of them demand our unrestricted attention. The name of the biggest and loudest monkey is: Fear.


Canarias Obscuras 2012-now

The Cayuco was moored at the pier and had come in under its own power. A group of men and boys huddled under the roof of the ferry's mooring. Many were shaking uncontrollably, others were staring ahead and others had fallen over exhausted. One of them was dead.
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